Australia has a strong culture of alcohol consumption. Whether it?s a few drinks after work or at a sporting event, it?s not unusual to see an alcoholic drink in most people?s hands.

Consumed in moderation, alcohol has few adverse effects. It?s when we begin to drink to excess, however, that we increase our exposure to alcohol-related harm.

Unfortunately, we?ve created a culture where young people who do not get drunk on a regular basis are considered abnormal.

Furthermore, there is a general social understanding that getting drunk is a means of having fun. In fact, it?s fair to say, there is a certain expectation of people, young or old, to drink to excess when attending social events.

The harsh reality though, is that alcohol is responsible for a considerable amount of death, disease and injury in Australia. It?s a major contributor to many road crashes and other accidents. It also contributes to social problems such as violence, family breakdown, child abuse and neglect.

Alcohol-related harm is not limited to drinkers themselves, but has relevance for families, bystanders and the broader community.

Knowing when to say when, therefore, can benefit everyone. Start by learning more about alcohol and its effects.