When deciding when to say when, always take into account the fact you’re your drinking can adversely affect others.

Your family:

Drinking costs money. Regularly buying alcohol is a cost that adds up and money spent on alcohol will mean less disposable income for everything else a family needs.

Drinking can also result in you missing out on important events in their lives, like football matches and other activities.

Being a parent also means being responsible, being there for your children and being a role model because as a parent your actions have an overwhelming impact on your children’s lives. Children learn their behaviour and values from their parents and their surroundings so the examples you give may impact on their behaviour and attitudes to alcohol later on in life.

Your work colleagues:

Excessive drinking affects how well we perform at work, often without us even realising it.

Although socialising with work colleagues is a common past time and can improve working relationships, being drunk at work or getting legless at the office party, has ended many a promising career. Boozy office parties can result in fights, accidents and claims of sexual harassment.

Recent research that examined alcohol consumption patterns among the Australian workforce indicated 44 per cent drank above NHMRC 2001 guideline levels at least occasionally (Berry et al 2007).

Your friends:

It’s great fun to go out with friends for a night out and a few drinks, but being in the company of seriously drunk people isn’t much fun.

If that person is you on a regular basis, over time you’ll find the only people prepared to put up with your behaviour are others with the same tendency to get drunk, and this can put strain on your current friendships.

Your partner:

Alcohol makes both men and women less sensitive to other people’s feelings and this can damage relationships.

If you’re drinking too much, chances are it’s cutting into time you could be spending doing other things as a couple. It could also encourage your partner to drink more than they should.